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Hi there! Welcome to Budding Yoga.

Do you want your kids to have play as a form of learning?

Do you feel that that slowing down sometimes can give the time we need to grow and change?

Everyday, life (and yoga) just requires us to breathe and stay flexible. 

And I feel deep in my heart that personal and meaningful connection can change the world, whether it’s just for the one kid in front of us or for an entire community.

That’s why I love what I do so much. And why I’ve taken time to back it up with lots of study, practice, and continuous personal growth so that I can be my best in helping people connect with themselves and everyone around them by focusing on mindfulness, wellness, and fun.

With with an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education, a K-12 license in special education, a Masters of Education in special education with a focus on Autism Spectrum Disorders, and multiple yoga certifications, I've made sure Budding Yoga materials are built for fun and growth.

You'll find teacher trainings, family workshops,  and flows and lesson plans that are ready for the classroom, home, or even the backyard!

I'm so excited you're here. Let's get moving!

Connie Morris, M. Ed, 200RYT, and CCYT

Available Products

Mindfulness in Schools

Experience self-care while learning how to create an environment where your students are learning-ready! Mindful classrooms are supported by research to increase socialization, attention, self-awareness and regulation.

Learn how to incorporate mindfulness, movement and Social Emotional Learning in a safe and fun setting while improving your students' mental and physical health. The components of SELs, behavior plans, responsive classrooms, special needs, biases, and trauma will be interwoven into our studies. What a wonderful way to gain lessons plans, ideas and resources where each student can develop skills to be focused and confident!

Recorded lessons will be available at your convenience, each with activities and an assignment. A final project/lesson is required.

BETA: Mindfulness Together - Movement, Mindfulness, and Fun at Home

Feeling like your whole crew could use some fun ways to deal with big emotions? Need more ideas for Social Emotional Learning and physical movement? We can help! Our monthly program will come with weekly lessons including 2 virtual classroom lessons, a nature connection lesson, and a family newsletter. All of our lessons are evidence-based, helping your family explore feelings, relationships, decision making, physical and mental wellness, self-regulation, literature, and healthy living. 

The bi-monthly virtual classroom slides will offer activities for mindfulness, featured pose, a nature connection, a yoga video and more! Even the youngest student will be able to choose activities independently or your family can enjoy trying them together allowing for brain breaks and healthy movement for the body and mind. 

Each month there will be a more in depth nature connection, offering lesson covering leisure, science and geography as we move our yoga and movement to different outdoor landforms and environments! 

Finally, you will recieve a newsletter, full of helpful hints on activities, resources, positive behavior plans, your self-care, nurturing parenting and mindful living. We will review learning standards covered during the month and add lots of additional fun ideas to do as a family. 

This is yoga and a whole lot more!

**This is a free BETA version of the membership. That means you'll get to see all the materials and how the program works and work with Ms. Connie as a family to have fun. Hopefully, you'll tell us what you love, and what you'd love to see added or changed. We can't wait to meet you!**

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