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BETA: Mindfulness Together - Movement, Mindfulness, and Fun at Home

Experience family-fun while learning how to create less stress at home while helping your children be learning-ready! Mindfulness Together is supported by research to increase socialization, attention, self-awareness and regulation through movement and mindfulness.

Learn how to incorporate mindfulness, movement and Social Emotional Learning in a safe and fun setting while improving your children's mental and physical health. What a wonderful way to practice self-care, learn ideas and gain resources for your children to develop skills to be focused and confident!

Lessons will be available at your convenience, each with activities that can be revisited again and again!

**This is a free BETA version of the membership. That means you'll get to see all the materials and how the program works and work with Ms. Connie as a family to have fun. Hopefully, you'll tell us what you love, and what you'd love to see added or changed. We can't wait to meet you!**

2 Modules

Module 1

Welcome to Module 1! There are four weeks in each module. Explore each, doing what works best for your family! Week 1 and 3 include a link to our virtual mindfulness classroom, each with different ideas. Week 2 is our Nature Connection, visiting Lakewood, Ohio, USA, Solstice Steps. We will share a flow outdoors after learning more about the area and solstices. Week 4 includes our Family Ties Newsletter, full of ideas for parents, children and families!

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